Terms and Conditions

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A signed copy of these terms and conditions will be required along with your payment.
(A copy of the signed agreement will be provided at delivery by request.)

Reservations & Payments
  • By placing your reservation and making a payment you are acknowledging you have read, understand, and agree to the Rental Terms and Conditions.
  • A signed copy of these Terms and Conditions must be received with your payment prior to the delivery of your Chicken Rental.  A copy of the Terms and Conditions can be downloaded from the website.  (A copy of the signed agreement will be provided at delivery only if requested prior.)
  • Payments must be made in either Cash or Check.
    • There will be a $30 charge for any bounced checks that must be paid in cash.
  • The customer is solely responsible for ensuring they meet any and all regulations related to keeping chickens on their property.
    • Information regarding your town’s information regarding the raising of livestock can typically be found on the town’s website or by calling the town’s Board of Health.
    •  Some towns have specific laws and ordinances regarding chickens.  These can include fees and permits being required.
    • You must show proof of permit prior to entering into a rental agreement with Mama Hen’s Coops & Chicks, if your town requires a permit or license to have chickens on your property.
Rental Package
  • Rental packages include:  One portable chicken coop (with waterer & hanging feeder), 2 laying hens, bedding, feed, delivery, set up, & removal, instructions on the care of your chickens.
  • Additional hens (2 max) may be rented for $25 per hen per month.
  • Rentals are for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 6 months between the months of April and September.
    • A rental may not be extended beyond the month of September due to weather concerns.
    • 1 to 5 month rentals may be extended for an additional monthly cost of $145 per month.
    • Additional months must be consecutive with each other & the original rental agreement.
  • All purchases are subject to Ohio sales tax of 5.75%
  • Rental packages may be purchased, if you decide you would like your hens to be permanent residents for $
  • Delivery is included within a 30 mile radius of the 44024 area code.  Any deliveries outside this area will be subject to a transportation fee based on your location.
  • At time of delivery we will set up the coop, introduce you to your chickens, give you a tour of their coop, and give you a brief session on the care & handling of the chickens.
  • A person 18 years or older must be home at the time of the delivery.  We prefer this to be the person who will be the main caregiver of the chickens.
Chicken Care
  • The customer is responsible for the health & daily care of the chickens.
  • Chickens must
    • always have access to clean water
    • be fed daily
    • have access to shade
  • It is recommended you move the coop several times a month to allow the chickens new areas to forage and for the health of your grass.
  • If a chicken dies of natural causes we will gladly replace your chicken for the remainder of the rental.
  • If a chicken dies as a result of neglect, abuse, escape, or other preventable reason will be subject to a $40 fee per chicken.
    • A chicken that dies as a result of neglect or abuse will not be replaced.
    • A chicken that dies as a result of escape or other preventable reasoning may be replaced at the discretion of Mama Hen’s Coops & Chicks after the fee is paid.
  • Mama Hen’s Coops & Chicks does not guarantee that a chicken will lay an egg every day.  Laying is not always consistent.
  • Mama Hen’s Coops & Chicks is not responsible for any damages or injuries caused by renting or buying our coops and/or chickens.
  • The rental coop must be returned in good, rentable condition, which will be determined by the Mama Hen’s Coops & Chicks.
  • A fee will be required for any damages to the coop based on the extent of the damage.
  • This fee cannot be contested.
By signing below you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the above Rental Terms and Conditions.

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